Monday, December 29, 2008


So I, Roxie, must re-port that i can no longer wear my blanket as I got it caut on Roommate Horse's bitey teeth and ther is now som big holes in it now. :-( So i em back to my bloo sheet. But it is warmer now so I, Roxie, is OK with this develupmint.
Ooh, gess whut?? I DID see Mom this week-end. She digged a path for to reech us in the Horse House. An then Hay Lady drived up in a big yello thing an she moved lots an lots of snow and now i can go play in the areena an eet som grain foods. Hooray!
Funder is in-structing me to say six randum things abowt me, Roxie. So heer i go:


1) Wen i is a baybee horse i HAETED peppermint horse treets. Haet haet haet. Mom wuld put them in my grain foods an i wuld SPIT them back in the pan cuz i haeted them!! Altho now that i am growed up i think peppermint treets are pretty cool.


2) I, unlike most drafty horses, has a GRATE BIG TAIL. yes i do. It drags on the grownd and it is curly an beyootiful. Mom has to use d-tangler on it a lot an brush and brush and brush it somtimes. Lucky I, Roxie, is a payshent sort of horse.


3) I is a rescue frum a feedlot! Ther is lots of nice horses on feedlots--I, Roxie, is proof of this. An so i must give props and thanks an stuff to Kerrie, my First Human Mom, for seeing my potenshul. Edited to add: This picsure is NOT a picsure of Kerrie.


4) I wish Mom would let me haev long hair. :-( I is bored of my roach. Altho i hasnt been roachded in a while so maybe this is somthing.


5) I wuld like to try pulling a wheel cart at som point. I think I, Roxie, wuld ex-cell at this.


6) Somtimes when Mom is groomin me i will look at her like, "Hay, give me that brush." An she will hand me the brush an i will nom nom nom on it an it is fun. An then i will drop it, an i cant pick it back up cuz i is in cross-ties, an so i will purtend like i did not want the dumb brush anyways. Hee.


20 meter circle of life said...

you are very pretty!!

LeopardAppy said...

Roxie, I am so sorry to hear about your nice blanket. That is why I never let any other teeth near my blankets.

It is nice to hear from you again and it was very interesting to find out these six things about you Roxie. (I liked your artistic use of photos) I am wondering about your friend Zoe however, I can no longer find out if she is taking her human on rides again or if she is wearing her jammies at night. Do you know? If so could you let us know how she is doing.

Leah Fry said...

Oh Roxie, if your mane was as long as that silly white horse's maybe roommate horse would bite that too. You wouldn't want that, would you?

cdncowgirl said...

That was a great post Roxie :)
Maybe your mom will let you try to grow out your mane a little bit, but that super long mane is just way too much hassle (for you and for your mom)

Funder said...

Oh, I'm so glad you answered me!

Roxie, you have a beeutiful tail for sure! You should remember that a long mane is really hot and you'd sweat all summer under it... but it would be pretty. :)

My friend Poppy likes to grab whatever I'm holding too. He likes brushes, but he also likes cell phones. Try grabbing your mom's cell phone if you want to watch her really freak out!

Zoe said...

I have lots of rugs and jammies. My mane was really really long but my human shortened it in the summer I was so embarrassed by it I kept it plaited everytime I went out in public.

Anonymous said...

Is that your grandmother holding the sign?
My half Percherons have all had glorious tails too. Wish I could send you a picture of some of them. I didn't have the same smarts as you to take pictures of them, though.
I know you are tired of your roach, but it is so beautiful--and then there is the added benefit of not having to be patient while your mom brushes it.

Janet Roper said...

Hi Roxie,
Shiloh loves the peppermint treats too. Hope you're having a rockin & Roxie kind of new year!
Janet & Shiloh

Anonymous said...

OMG, look at the mane on that Perch! Now I know where Klein gets it from!

Aww, Roxie, atleast you have such a beautiful, full tail. Klein's is docked to the point where she only has about 6" of tail bone :(

Roxie said...

How duz Klein beat the bugs away?

Albigears said...

I, Al Big Ears, have decided I no longer need half my mane. The middle part- I no longer need the middle part. So I rubbed it all out. I would suggest this to you as well if you mom lets you grow it out. It's a good look.