Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Horse, Part TOO of Too

Mom goed for a ride on Roommate Horse a cuple days back. This is aftur she (Mom) telled me, Roxie, that Roommate Horse hadda get a very expensive neck needle shot to stop acting so old an meen.
Well i gess the neck needle shot workded too good cuz Roommate Horse does jigging and prancing an spinning an being a Mean JERK horse to Mom for like ten hole MILES!!
So Roommate Horse an mom are kinda not speeking.
An then they com bakc from the ride an Mom gets me, Roxie, out an we has a lessin with Trainer Woman. An I is a Perfict Roxie an Mom is all like, "I LUV you Roxie, you is flawless" and I is like, "Yeah I know."
So anyways, if you reeders need further proofs. Heer is dumb ol' Roommate Horse after the ride wher she is a meen jerk:


And heer is me, Beeutiful Roxie:

Look, I is evun givin you a purple clover.


Zoe said...

Ah Roxie what can I say.....GO ROXIE, GO ROXIE, GO ROXIE
You're the best.

Knots said...

Roxie most bestest horse in all the world - I recommend lots of treats ;)