Thursday, April 8, 2010

Teeching hoomans

So Sir Darby has a horse blog too, an he talks abowt teeching his hoomans how to give him treets.

I, Roxie, must reeport also that I has ackomplished this.

I goed to a veternary man a few days back. This was a veternary man, an not the veternary lady who caem to my horse house an givved me nose goops and skritched my Roxie teef. An I goed into stox, an then I is all, "Mom give me a cookie." So Mom goed an gettded cookies! An I eeted cookies! An I gets a shot with a RELLY BIG NEEDUL but I is all, "hey, I has cookies" an I don't even CARE abowt big needul shots! And then I is SUCH A GOOD GIRL! Hooray!

So heer is the thing. If you throws a Roxie fit evry time you gets a shot, then you get ALL sorts of treets to make you be a good Roxie. An then hoomans figure they should give you Roxie treets all the time to make you be good. So you still gets Roxie shots, but also lots of Roxie treet cookies.

This is a fair trade.


Once Upon an Equine said...

Us hoomans don't have a chance against smart Roxie horses like you. You've got us figured out good.

Unknown said...

I am totally going to try this.


We get cookies for being good. And for being cute too. It's nice that the humans are teachable.