Monday, September 6, 2010

I has a verry bizzy week and MORE cats too

I, Roxie, has a verry bizzy week.
I goes to the FAIR wich is where peeple go to look at things. An I is a Crime Preventur Horse, in the CAR PARKING PLACES. An I is SO good at this!
Heer is me gettin reddy to be a police horse.

I gets to ware a raydio. This is offishul police stuff. Yup. And it is all "PSSSSHHHHT blah blah blah human words blah blah beeop beep PSSSSSSSHHHHT." And I ignores this cuz it does not say "Hay Roxie, com get grains."
I sees all SORTS of weerd things at teh fair. Mom does not get picsures of some weerd things, like such as the rodeo BULL cows. I sniffded them with my Roxie Nose! I is brave! An I also sniffded the small cows that the cowboy men jomp on an wrassle with. I also sees horses galluping arownd, and I also sees a weerd truck with logs on it.

This truck pikcs up logs an puts them on its back. It is neet! I watchded this prossess.
Oh an ther is also a whoppity thing in the sky, it flaps arownd an it is reel loud. Heer is it beehind me, Roxie. In the sky.

This is no big deel tho, not wen you is Roxie.

I is verry good at this job. I watchded an maede sure no one is a Crime Person who brakes cars. An I makes sure that no one sneeks into a car parking place with out first giving monneys to the parking ladies. I evun helps a man locayte his car which he culd not find! An Mom is all prowd of me, an then I go back to Horse House. :)

A few days later, I goed to a new Horse House. I is gonna lern about trails an water stuff an about being rided in a town. I will go back to former Horse House evenshually.
Heer is me at New Horse House.

An heer is one of my roommate horses. This is Wynn, an her baby. Baby Wynn. Baby Wynn is OK, do not worrie. It looks as tho she gettded runned over by the tire but relly she is just a-sleep.

An there is REAL, NON-SMELLY cats here. Ther is also a bundel of baby kittins. Heer is this bundel:

Mom is going to adopp a kittin. This is the one she lieks.

I is asposed to menshun that ther are 5 more kittins available an you shuld tell Mom if you want one. They is all real frendly an they all has thumbs, whut ever than meens.
Oh. An then I, Roxie, goed in a PARADE! A parade is wher you meet lots of new horse frends who is all dressed the saeme as you. An then you is rided thru a town, an you carrey a flag, an everyone is all like, "Yay Roxie! You is reel big an pritty!" an they take PICSURES of you an they love you!

And then I winned! My new horse frends an me winned a BLOO ribbin for being the best horse thing! YAY Roxie! And also yay horse frends. But mostlee yay Roxie.

So I is gonna go lay down. I has done enuff Roxie things for one week.


Leah Fry said...

Roxie, I'm very impressed. It takes a very special horse to do police work, and it sounds like, you, Roxie, are that special horse. Cool.

MARGIE said...

Good for you Roxie!!! You are beeeauuutiful!

EvenSong said...

Wow, Roxie! Big doin's!
You make a pretty impressive police horsie. No wonder you got a blue ribbon.
An thanks for the reassurances about Baby Wynn--I was worried.
If you were closer, I'd take one of those kewt little calico kitties--we've got some mice taking over the barn. But unless your mama is headed to Seattle, I guess I'll just have to check with the local shelter...

Funder said...

I am not so sure you need extra training - you are a proven cool cucumber after going to the fair! Tell your mom to watch out, that kitten looks extra spunky.

SmartAlex said...

What a cute kitty!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Wow Roxie you have been busy. You look very good and made us all proud.

William Pendleton said...

Roxie, you are so brave! I think with a steady gal like you around I could learn to be brave too. I have seen one of those log picker trucks though. They seem safe enough. I don't like the things in the sky though.

Camryn said...

WOW, yu leeds such an excitin life. I be way jealus. We gots two cute kitties in my barn too, but Dad says "No they's gotta go". A lady comed today an plans to take em both. I be bummed, but I still gots my own dog so that be cool.
Can't wait to reeds more of yur adventures and see pixture of lil Wynn awakes.

Unknown said...

Wow - you did more in a week than anyone around here does in a year!

You make a very good police horse. Did you have to kick anybody? I think that would be fun.


We were just talking about a parade. Mom wants to do one. Is it scary?


Albigears said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it.

kerrie said...

I am SO proud of you and your mom, Roxie! You two are the bestest ever!

kerrie said...

I am SO proud of you and your mom, Roxie! You two are the best!

Bif said...

Wow, Roxie. Very busy, and you looked SO pretty in all your pictures. Congratulations to your Mother, that is an awfully cute kitten!

Once Upon an Equine said...

I'm very impressed Roxie. You are doing good at many things. You are well rounded and I don't mean just your posterior.