Monday, April 1, 2013

Dis Appointment

Som times wen you try to explane a thing, it is easier to just do pictures of a thing.

Like I can EXPLANE disappointmint.  And Jelousy.

But really it is better if I just shows a picshure of me getting to do Roxie Naked Grazing, and all the other barn horses having to watch an not also get to do grazing.

Super sad and dis appointing day for everyone except for Roxie.


Dreaming said... was Roxie supposed to be naked grazing, or was that an 'oops'?!!
Yes, I can see that all other horses would be eaten up with envy!

Funder said...


Cactus Jack Splash said...

I am glad to find out you were not diappointed

Roxie said...

I does Roxie Naked Grazing all the time. The trick is, donot run away wen they com to put your Roxie Rope back on. You loses Naked Grazing privlidges if you choose to do that.