Saturday, April 13, 2013

Polo crossin'

Mom makes a Roxie do the weerdest things som times.

Like she makes me go get a saddul on evn though it is going to do RAINING.

At leest I gets to look at thees dogs.  I love a dogs.

An we goes and lerns a polo cross.

This is a game.  It is like polo, which is ware you chase a ball an your person hits it with a whacker.

Only in this game, your person picks the ball up with a racker.

An if your person is bad, like Mom is bad, then they hits the ball with there racker like it is polo.

I do not relly unnerstand this game.  Basically ther is rules about where you can an cannut go, an what you can do, an how you are SUPPOSE to bang into other horses.  Who ever herd of BANGING in to other horses! This is a dangerus game.

Ther is other rules too.  Like as soon as Mom picks up the ball, eether we runs off with it, wich is fun.  OR she tosses it back on the ground an we lose it.  I is like "WHUT ARE YOU DOING" and "THAT IS THE BALL YOU IS LOOSING" but Mom is un coordinayted.

They calls it polo cross becuz you get cross with your crummy rider person eventually.

Heer is videos.  Akshully, wait.  Heer is a video of what polo cross looks like when you is GOOD.

An then heer is videos of a Roxie trying so hard to be good at polo cross, but Flail Mom getting in the way.

Seriosly, it rains the WHOLE time.

This picsure is blurry cuz, RAIN onna lens.

Polo cross!


EvenSong said...

Well, Roxie, I think you need to cut your mom some slack--she wasn't the ONLY one that dropped the ball!
Looked like you gave it your best, though. Seems like it would really get you quick on your big Roxie feetses!

Dreaming said...

Roxie, in a perfect world you could be in charge!

SprinklerBandit said...

Haha, love it.

cdncowgirl said...

To be fair Roxie, your beautiful bigness has your mum at a bit of a disadvantage... she has to stretch and reach FAR more than those other people.