Sunday, May 19, 2013

The OTHER Roxie burthday thing

So the other thing that happuns on my Roxie burthday is this. Mom is all "Hay Roxie, let us go on a TRIP!" an I is all, "Sweet, OK."

So i coms over to the fense an hangs out wile she hooks my Roxie Truck up to my Roxie Trailur and loads all my Roxie grains an saddul an stuff.  An then I gets in, an off we go!


We hauls thru weet country. See this picsure? Stare at it for like 4 hours. That was pritty much it.

Then we gets to this place where there is FENCES an DRESSAHZJ areenas. Mom walks me around a hole bunch. An she lets me graeze on all there new grasses an clovers an stuff.  

All the peeple there sees me an they is all "WOW your horse is big an byootiful an amazing and she must be a Best Horse" an Mom is all "Duh totally."

An then it starts to get dark, so she puts me inna stall with hays an waters an i sleep there.  

The next day, we does more walkings and grazings!

But evenshually I gets my Roxie saddul on, an I gets my Roxie hair did into a super cool braid.

Mom trimmed that little bit by my sholder.

Pritty cool, yeah?

It is actshully TWO braids so that i can stretch a Roxie neck. An ackshully it is THREE braids cuz my Roxie forelocksie gets this treetmint also.  

And then we goes an does dressahzj! An I is all "I don't wanna be onna bit, la la la!" But Mom is like "whatever, it is all for funsies."

And then after this dressahzj. Speaking of funsies. I gets BOOTS on an Mom gets a VEST on an I is all "Oh HECK yes" cuz this means jompings!

An we goes out in this feeld an JOMPS all thees big fences! 

Ther is video but it comes later after Mom does editing an capshuns.  For now, heer is picshures.

Waiting to start.

Getting petted!

Gallups! Let's do this!!

There is a bonch of oxers an fans an two fences i do NOT want to do cuz there is STRAW in them! But Mom is all "PLEASE ROXIE PLEASE!!!" an i is like "Well OK but I'ma jump them BIG!" An i jomps them.

All the xc video is sort of far away but. Heer is some picsures of the last fense.

Dubble cross bar!


Hello, Last Fense!


Finish line! Go go Roxie!

An peepole CLAPS an CHEERS an everyone is all "YAY for a Roxie!" 

An then i goes an gets my saddul off, an legs hosed, an i gets to eat and drink an hang out for a bit.

Then i gets my Roxie saddul back on one more time. An we does dressahzj tests an Mom is all "These is also all for funsies!" and I is all "ok!" So we does tests. Some times i is onna bit an some times I is NOT! :)

Ther is video of these also but it must wait.

Here is some picsuhres. 

All my Strechy Roxie work this winter paid off! :)

Thees tests is fun cuz there is hard moves in them.  Like i must do a Big Trot:

It needs works.  I am suppose to be onna bit for this. But it is SO HARD YOU GUYS.

Whee! Not onna bit!

Lookit my cool Roxie saddul pad. :) 

So anyways. We does two more dressahzj things. An then I is ALL DONE an I gets Good Horse stuff. Like Grains. an Clover grasses.


Clover grasses! 

An then Mom is all "LET US GO HOME" so we DID. An Prince is so happie to see me. :) So that is the end of this story.

Oh. Ther is ribbins too. I donut care for ribbins because I cannut eat these. I have stated this. But Mom seems to care for ribbins. So heer is a ribbin picsure.


Happie Roxie. :)


Terry said...

Well done, Roxie! Look at all those blues!
I love that braid - so pretty.

Alanna M said...

Wow Roxy. I love those beautiful braids and your blue ribbons. Well done!

Camryn said...

You looks gorgeous as always. I did not realize ribbons could not be eaten. So why does human want them I wonder?

Karen W. said...

Oh your blog makes me LAFF and have SMILES and feel HAPPIE!!

kbryan said...

Dang! Roxie, you is hots to trots! You looks beeutiful, your roan furs are coming out. You dun real good! Think OLYMPICS!!!!!!! How are you and Prints getting along? Love, Roxie Fann

SprinklerBandit said...

Cracking up. Well done!