Saturday, November 8, 2014

MORE traels and animals

I feel that mah last Roxie blog abowt being onna trail and seeing animals was perhaps mis-leading.

Not all amimals is super scarey.

For instance. I loves seeing DEERS.

I is super good at spotting theese too. And these is bigger than stomp birds, and not scarey, and they ALWAYS runs from me.

There's one.

There is one night. Mom an me goes riding late. And we sees FORTY SEVVIN DEERS in like a hour or so.

This is wen deers is moving.

And som times we sees deers with big ol horns. Like so:

And mom is all "Let us pleese go chase these ones so i may jomp off you an capshure them and eat them." But I declines to do this.

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Camryn said...

I see them at the back of my field. I like em too. They be same color as me.