Sunday, November 2, 2014

Roxie show!

Mom takes me to a Roxie show. This is from in Septemmer, back wen things is still warms out.

The haul to the show taekes for EVER. But. We stops for car stuff, and for Roxie rests.

Oh and. One time, Mom stops, and I makes ROXIE PEE all over the place and it leeks out and floods!


Horsey chuckkles. Ha ha. Roxie Pee.

Anyways. We finally gets to the show. It is hot and muggie and horruble in my stall. So we goes on lots of walks. This show place has a race track!


SO FAT wait I meen SO FAST

Any ways. Then i does jomping!

Some highlights:

Ther is not much in the way of ribbins for this show, but Mom ashures me this is her fault--not a Roxie fault. 

There is this one at leest. On the trock floor. 

I liek pinks, so this is all good. I liek those Messican cookies too but Mom dosent often share these. 

The End.


EvenSong said...

Goodness! That's quite a Roxie River! Your bladder must be as big as Kate's.
Really like the jomping pictures when your knees are SOOOhigh to your ears.

Dreaming said...

What a fun post. Love the Roxie laffs about the pee!
The 'jomping' pictures are great!

(How do you manage to type "Roxie speak" with spell correct? I found it frustrating just doing a few words!!)

Alanna M said...

Wow Roxie. You are so cute over fences!

Roxie said...

. . . Ther is a such a thing as a spell correcktor? Hum.

Anonymous said...

Looking good Roxie!