Friday, April 10, 2015

Baby Potato is a fast learner

So Mom and I is riding around the other day. Workin on square halting.

I haete square halting.

But anyways. This rando dog comes over to visit. He is a distracktion! So i is all "HOORAY!"

He seems frendly but Mom is all "doooh I donut like stray dogs." And then he comes into our areena work space. And he goes behind my Roxie greatness. I donut think he wanted to chase me but dogs behind me is a big no-no, that is Mom's orders.

So we turns and goes to chaesing him! Like he is a tiny cow. and he runs away becuz of course he does.

And he runs into the pen where Potato and old Roommate Horse is. Potato was watching me do chasing, and she is all "that looks liek a fun game."

So Potato goes to chasing, but she is much more serios about this.

It were amaezing, That baby has never even pinned a ear at anyone. She is so kind. But not to dogs!

That dog was all "OH NOES" and "RUNNDING" and it were so funnie. Mom an I stood there and did laffing.

The dog had a hard time figgering out how to get back home becuz he kept going back in there pen and Potato kept making stomple attempts.

Evenshually he got away. But mom is all "I is SO PROWD of you, Potato! Good baby!"

The end.


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kbryan said...

You and Potato taught that dog a good lesson!

Amy said...

My mare hated dogs with a passion. She'd put up with my friend's dog because she liked my friend and I liked the dog, but she gave me looks that told me shoe WAS not pleased. My old trainer's dog was running after her while she was being longed and she punted that dog. That dog never chased a horse again, and avoided Sug like the plague.