Saturday, April 4, 2015


Mom and i is riding around minding our own Roxie bizness the other day and then I steps in a spot that looks OK but the grownd collapses and I end up in a hole. A BIG hole.

Terble, right???

I almost falls down!

I lurched out of the hole with mah front leg, but then mah back leg goes in. :(

I lurches my back leg out too, but I steps on my front leg trying to stay uprite an save Mom. which I do, becuz I is Roxie.

Anyways. I is OK. But I got grass stains all up mah legs, and Mom got all shook up.

So she rubs me an hugs me and says she is sorrie and she gives me grain and carrots and tells me "thank you" and stuff. 

And then she goes an beets that hole to death. Like, relly, a lot.

Donut mess with Roxie! Or Mom will pick ax you.


Anonymous said...

Roxie, you the best. Glad you saved your mom and didn't hurt your bootiful Roxie self.
Ps- I have a kind of mini Roxie. She is a bay welsh cob and does lots of things. Your mom is an inspiration because I don't ride as well as her. Also, my pony is growing her puffy fashun coat because we are in the Southern Hemisphere. It is not as fashun as yours as she isn't roan :)

kbryan said...

What a noble steed you are Roxie! Thank heavens you are superior in every way and were able to get you balance and save you Mom. And your Mom sure seems to have a way with an ax.