Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Doing super hard training part 2

So as promised. I will continue to discuss super hard training.

Here is the steps.

0) I goes on a diet. I hate this.

This country has un attainable standurds for beauty

1) a vet lady comes and stabs some junk into my Roxie neck and i hate this. But. It makes my legs crackle less. so that is good.

2) we gets a big ol set of front shoes on so i may do more training in places where there may be a rocks or such.

My farrier man is the best

3) We signs up for dressahzj lessons with a real good program. And we goes to them weekly. An we also works on dressahzj at home. I do lots of cannering with my sholder in, or my buttocksie in, or sometimes i switches them side to side. It is so hard! I want to give up an be heavy but Mom will nut allow. :( As time goes tho. This gets more easier.

It is my hope to som day be as fancy as this fancy Potato

4) we gets to go jomp cross contry! I love this. It is my favorite. And i is amazing, i jumps all the stuff even when it is weerd looking or painted bloo or maybe shaped like a mushroom. And i jomps ditches and down banks and up different banks and over skinnies and thru watters and between trees. I is a glorious cross contry thunder horse.

5) We does galluping. This is the hardest part. We goes to a trail that has long flat stretches and we starts out by trotting. we trots for a while. Each time we goes and does trotting, is lasts a little bit longer. We gets up to where i can trot for like TWELVE MINITS. That is forever, by the way. So i does that until i is trotting for over a mile at a time. Then mom changes it up a little and we starts doing some short cannering. Cannering is SO HARD YOU GUYS it is like lifting weights as fast as you can. So some days we canner politely for a few minits at a time. Other days we goes and does some warm up trotting and cannering and then mom makes me RUN AS FAST AS I CAN HO CRAP LETS GO SO HARD I GONNA DIE. These bursts are not as long but they feel like forever because I cannut breathe fast enough. But then i gets to walk and everything is cool til we does it again.


6) evenshually when i is reel fit. we goes and starts trotting the hill across the road from my horse house. it is long and gradual but this is hard work! It makes my bottom real strong tho.

So anyways this is my Roxie fitniss regimen. Stay tuned for the show report!