Sunday, October 27, 2019

doing super hard training part 3

So after all this training. Mom puts all my Roxie stuff in the trailer and we goes off to show. This show is a long ways away, in some trees. We has been to this place before and I loves it.

i goes to my stall and gets all settled. Mom comes after a little bit an we gets our dressahj tacks on and I go do a test. We are the last ride of the day basicly.

Heer is me greeting a adoring fan

They do scores but Mom is all "SUPERSTISH I WILL NOT LOOK" so i do not know wat is the score but MOm is happy with my performance.

I gets leg rapped and covered in a sheet and gets to go to sleep.

day 2: We goes and does cross country!

I is a galloping fool and i jumps all the things. There is a time where we has to go thru water ans there is a HOLE BUNCH OF PEOPLE on the other side of the water in a hooman corral made of flaggy string and they is VERY SCAREY! I runs sideways when we has to go by them! They may not touch my Roxie Greatness!

But I jomps all the thinsg and i is amazing. Mom says so.

There is a big gulley on this course that you go down into and up outta, two times, and Mom says i should not canter down this because it is steep. So we trots up out of it the steep way the first time, and then trots back down the steep side on the way back. So we has some time faults but this is OK because I is safe and sound.

Day 3: we does stadium jomping! This is not in a stadium tho. Just an areena.

I is perfect but i is kinda tired despite all the super hard training. Mom has a hard time making me be forward.

But that is ok, i has no stops and no refoosals and I is great. Duh like always.

Oh this is important. Mom says if i jumps good that I never has to go for a big fast gallop EVER AGAIN. And i is like . . . "YES I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE"

So that is why i tries so hard.

But anyways so i is amazing!

And then we gets a super big ribbon and we gets to be in a victory gallop!

I sees this. Gimme it.
Thas right.

Mom is SO HAPPIE and she says i never have to gallop ever again!!

And i gets a hole bag o carrots and some graims and a bunch of cookies. Well i guess i got those all weekend.

And then i gets to go home! Hooray Roxie!


Cathryn said...

Woohoo!! Good job, Roxie!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, congratulations. Always have enjoyed reading about this horse and her What's that bit about never having to gallop ever again though, some sort of retirement planned?

EvenSong said...

Hooray, indeed!