Saturday, October 17, 2020

Baby Halo

 So Baby Halo is up to some stuff. 

You all rememmer Baby Halo as being my brilliant perfickt child. 

Baby Genius

She has been getting all geared up to join the work force evenshully.

So like. She gets a saddul which is very very wide for her mighty baby back which is even broader than is my Roxie back.

This mantis is clearly lost in some vast forrein land.

But check this, we can both wears this saddel:

So i donot know whether to be proud of this or to find this to be awkward,

Whatever, at least she will not ever be able to steal my bridles and other Roxie head gears.

That's a big ol' negatory on ever fittin into my haltur.

So she is getting rided a little tiny bit, by human as well as by bug, but not much because she is a precious babbo and we all know the value of her. 

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SprinklerBandit said...

Omg I want to meet Halo <3