Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Host duties

 As is the normal for a Roxie. I has also been hosting frends of mom.

I appreciate being the horse who is kind and trusty that can be rided by anyone because i is not a big ol' goober who does bucking or being a bad.

Like this is Ty Anne. She has rided me before. She is a good Roxie sitter-onner.

And this is Pia.

Pia comes to ride me and she gets on and starts to cry and I is all "welp I hope its not acuz of me being bad" and it was not, so it's all good.

Roxies give you the feels.

She is also a good Roxie rider. 

And there is Erica of course.

I continues to be the best and most gentle Roxie. I mean, doy.

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Anonymous said...

I know you’re gorgeous and talented but a being a gentle and tolerant Roxie makes you the best.