Monday, November 2, 2009

Ultra Sownd

Me getting a Ultra Sownd.

So. I, Roxie, may have taeken the "kicking Luhkota" thing too far in the passture. I may haeve been kickded back. An perhaps I, Roxie, gettded kicked in the leg. In a very importent spot in teh leg. An so I gets stinging stuff rubbded into my Roxie leg. An once I evun gets a leg rap! I gess it maekes things worser, tho. And then today I goed to the veternarien. I normalee haete the Mean Guy with Needles, but today it is a GURL!! An she is pritty an nice, and there are no needles, an a whole bunch of apple treets insted.
I gettded an ultra sownd. This is wen you get in the trailur and go some where, and a persin puts goopy cold stuff on your leg an wiggles a thingy arownd on it, an then you are a Good Girl, and you go home an eat breakfest! Hooray!

Heer is me halping Sarah the Veternarien, with my Roxie face.

I gess ther is nothing wrong with me, Roxie, and I must go back to work. Dangit!


Anonymous said...

Aww good to know everything is ok with your Roxie self!

Albigears said...

No more kicking!

Zoe said...

oh Roxie I do hope you haven't been too sore. Practise your ear signals and mean faces. The girls in my field move as soon as I flick my ears. No kicking needed anymore.

kbryan said...

Yah! We would hate it if anything was wrong with you. Maybe you should keep your "feets" to yourself! Love that Roxie!

Once Upon an Equine said...

Glad you are ok Roxie and that you were a good girl for the nice lady vet.